If you are shopping around you may find a cheaper price out there. This is not something you want to go cheap on. Being probably your biggest purchase you will ever make in your life you DO WANT to make sure it is a sound investment.


A good inspection takes 3-5 hours on-site taking pictures, and documenting all the findings if done thoroughly. There is more time putting together a properly written report that is easy to read and explains what was discovered while on-site. You also want pictures that are large and in focus. Who wants to strain to see what the inspector was taking a photo of. You may hear some companies will hand you a report before they leave the site. How much thought could have gone through writing that report….

“Inspectors who give reports on site do it for one reason only, it frees up their time, Not Yours”


“The better trained, the more experienced

and more thorough the inspector you choose,

the more valuable their inspections will be”

Many home inspection company’s will not post their prices, I want you to know up front what it will cost so there is no questioning the Price. I want you to have the best value for your hard earned dollars. Please don’t use someone just because they were cheaper. You know the saying “You Get What You Paid For”.

 Visit this link  Price Shopping for Home Inspectors  if you are still a price shopper
Square Foot                Price
0 – 3,000                        $400
3,001 and up                 $400 plus additional .15¢ per sq. ft. over 3,000 sq. ft.
Condo’s                         $275
Thermal Imaging Camera Scan only on homes up to 3,000 sq. ft. is $275
       [All others get quote (included with paid inspection)]
Fees shown above are for homes and condos with slab foundations and less than 50 years old

Additional Fees

Pier and beam crawl space inspection $150 + .05¢ sq. ft. for crawlspace over 1,500 sq. ft..

Homes and Condo’s 50 – 100 years old              additional $125

Homes and Condo’s over 100 years old              additional $200

       (Older homes come with more issues to look for resulting in the increased added fee)

We offer Senior Citizens (65 and older) and Vets a $50 discount. Please show ID

I exceed when and where possible the minimum Standard’s Of Practice required by Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) and InterNACHI

Check out my credentials with TREC and InterNACHI

$50 OFF

$50 off Home Inspection for 1st Time Customers

As always Senior Citizens and Vets will always get $50 off