Inspection Reports


“The Inspection Report is the actual product that an Inspector sales to the Client”


Ultimately it is the report that must satisfy all your needs for thoroughness and accuracy. All of my reports are custom documents written specifically for the home that is being inspected. The required Texas Real Estate Commission report form is used for format and required disclosure.

I use tools for gas leak detection, moisture penetration measurement and electrical receptacle circuit testing. My home inspections are more than a cut above the competition. My techniques, tools and thoroughness set a standard for excellence in home inspections.

Note the level of detail and thoroughness found in my reports. I take pride in the fact that I spend more time performing my inspections and more time writing my reports than many other inspectors who hurry from inspection to inspection. To see a list of the items I inspect during a complete home inspection read the NACHI Standards of Practice.

If you are shopping around you may find a cheaper price out there. This is not something you want to go cheap on. Being probably your biggest purchase you will ever make in your life you DO WANT to make sure it is a sound investment.


A good inspection takes 3-5 hours on-site taking pictures, and documenting all the findings if done thoroughly. There is more time putting together a properly written report that is easy to read and explains what was discovered while on-site. You also want pictures that are large and in focus. Who wants to strain to see what the inspector was taking a photo of. You may hear some companies will hand you a report before they leave the site. How much thought could have gone through writing that report….

“Inspectors who give reports on site do it for one reason only, it frees up their time, Not Yours”


“The better trained, the more experienced

and more thorough the inspector you choose,

the more valuable their inspections will be”


CRI Nachi

I look forward to the opportunity to be of service to you with your home inspection needs.

Why you should use an Inspector

Here are a few examples of the type of reports you can expect from Road Runner Home Inspections.

Two Story – 3,220 sq.ft. – Built 2007

One Story – 2,156 sq.ft. – Built in 1967 – Garage converted 1975